maker of art 

Let's Create!

Whether you're working on a podcast, documentary, or even an album,

You have a unique sound.

Original music sets you apart from the crowd.

Make your project come alive!

I produce and record using software like Ableton Live and Finale Pro.

 Music Production

Check it out!

Sample Tracks

Pop Sample - Lamb Jams
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Dance Sample - Lamb Jams
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Hip-Hop Sample - Lamb Jams
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Music Composed for a Short Film

You have something great to share with the world.

Put it on a website! 

It can be simple or elaborate.

What matters most is that your idea is known. 

With a little creativity, fantastic results can be yours.

See for yourself!

 web design

Coming up with content for a speech or a blog isn't easy.

Writer's block is real! 

But that shouldn't stop your project from getting done.

Let me help!

Ghost-writing, editing, & content development is kinda my thing.

I have receipts...


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Check out some material that

I wrote for the incredibly talented

 Gregory Groover Jr. 

to describe his recent EP

 Negro Spiritual Songbook 

 lets get creative


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