maker of art 

Let's Create!

Whether you're working on a podcast, documentary, or even an album,

You have a unique sound.

Original music sets you apart from the crowd.

Make your project come alive!

I produce and record using software like Ableton Live and Finale Pro.

 Music Production

Check it out!

Sample Tracks

Pop Sample - Lamb Jams
Dance Sample - Lamb Jams
Hip-Hop Sample - Lamb Jams

Music Composed for a Short Film

You have something great to share with the world.

Put it on a website! 

It can be simple or elaborate.

What matters most is that your idea is known. 

With a little creativity, fantastic results can be yours.

See for yourself!

 web design

Add your website to this growing list!

Historic Church in Roxbury

Local Real Estate Agent in Roxbury

Coming up with content for a speech or a blog isn't easy.

Writer's block is real! 

But that shouldn't stop your project from getting done.

Let me help!

Ghost-writing, editing, & content development is kinda my thing.

I have receipts...


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Check out some material that

I wrote for the incredibly talented

 Gregory Groover Jr. 

to describe his recent EP

 Negro Spiritual Songbook 

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