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Sermons are words of action inspired by words of wisdom.

There is a message for the people.

Preachers speak truth to power in the name of Love.

A clarion call for justice and liberation.

Check out some recent sermons of mine:

Sermon given at Wellesley Village Church to celebrate the Bicentennial of Charles Street AME Church

Erykah-Badu-inspired meditation given at

The Memorial Church of Harvard University 

 motivational speaking 

Thoughtful rhetoric stirs the soul and makes a lasting impression.

A much needed dose of empowerment.

Tailored presentations to fit the specific needs of the audience.

Genuine TLC for the spirit.


Benedictory Address given at the 2017 Baccalaureate Service of Tufts University

Sometimes you just need someone to talk with...

Free of judgement, full of respect.

Everything shared is kept private and in confidence.

Your mental & spiritual health matters

Trust that you are not alone, nor that you have to be.

Let's have a chat.

 pastoral counseling 

 lets get reflective


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